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Personal Umbrella/Liability

Personal liability insurance, also commonly referred to as personal umbrella insurance, can give one added liability protection for a minimal premium.  Additional liability insurance is usually inexpensive, particularly with the added coverage one gains.  Furthermore, personal umbrella insurance adds liability coverage for one’s non-business activities anywhere in the world.

Personal umbrella insurance acts as an added layer of protection once your auto insurance, homeowners exhaust their liability limits.  In some cases where personal umbrella insurance is not purchased, your liability in an accident can result in the surrender of all your material goods in order to cover a claimant’s loss.  In many cases, personal property, including your home may be leveraged to cover the liability claim.  Other property like jewelry, personal high valued collectables and your salary/income can be used as well.  Such incidents can have a lifelong effect on your personal finances, thus the conventional wisdom in purchasing a reasonably priced $1 million to $10 million liability insurance policy.