Workers Compensation Insurance in Oregon

workers compensation insurance bend, oregonKeeping your employees safe while on the job is a key part of owning a business. In the event that a worker is injured or killed on the job, workers compensation insurance coverage provides you and your employees with protection they need.

Because Workers Compensation coverage is state mandated, it will vary by state what the requirements are. What doesn’t vary is that Workers Comp coverage covers lost wages and medical treatment costs resulting from an on-the-job injury or work related illness.

Our agency works with the top workers comp companies in the state to provide your business and its employee’s resources to:

  • Out of pocket related expenses for medication and treatment
  • Claims assistance
  • Affordable treatment solutions from networks of doctors and medical providers

While protecting your business when accidents occurs is great, the most effective solution to protecting your business and employees is avoiding accidents in the first place. While this may seem obvious, educating yourself and your staff as well as regularly reviewing safety measures is key.

When Workers Comp losses occur, be confident that the policy you’ve purchased from our agency will provide you with industry leading advice and claims assistance. Our carriers will work to minimize the out of work time lowering your costs. To learn more about Workers Compensation insurance in Oregon, call one of our licensed agents.